Photographic Prize: the selected works are announced!

Our third RBSA Photographic Prize exhibition is being held in partnership with Argentea Gallery, and will be displayed across both venues.

Launched in 2015, this exhibition celebrates photographic artwork by emerging and established photographers. There are four prizes including a £1,000 First Prize.

The exhibition runs until Saturday 9 March and will be displayed across RBSA Gallery floor two and Argentea Gallery’s ground floor.

Also don’t miss the free tour of the exhibition on Saturday 16 February

Alfie Hancox explores some of the highlights of the show, and you’ll find the full line up below! All the selected artworks with prices can be also be downloaded here


Ellie Smith


‘Sanmukh, my neighbour and Gatka martial artist – with sword’   £260 (5 unframed at £150 each)


‘Sanmukh lives three doors down from my family home in Birmingham. She is accomplished in the Sikh martial art of Gatka, and she has been training almost her whole life. Her dad started teaching her at the age of five.

‘The first time I ever saw Sanmukh perform, she sat down cross-legged and held a knife in the crook of her knee, before slowly rolling backwards into a shoulder stand. With the utmost precision, Sanmukh moved the knife towards her eye and began gently running the blade along each one of her eyelashes.

I was blown away by the skill and concentration that it must have taken to do this in front of an audience, and immediately felt that I wanted to take a portrait of this strong woman.’

You can visit @combatkaur on Instagram to watch videos of Sanmukh in action.

Ellie is a photographer from Birmingham, based in London. She is currently showing work as part of the ‘209 Women’ exhibition at Portcullis House in the Houses of Parliament, London.


Maryam Wahid


The Hijab (NFS)


Maryam’s beautiful photo The Hijab is part of a series exploring ‘the variances in the stylisation of the hijab across the diverse range of cultures that adopt the Islamic faith.

‘There is clear evidence of rich cultural heritages that influence the aesthetic of the symbolic apparel worn by these women.’

Maryam was awarded the British Journal of Photography’s Portrait of Britain Award 2018 and was nominated as one of the 100 Heroines in Photography by the Royal Photographic Society.  She photographs her identity as a South Asian Muslim. Her profound interest in multiculturalism allows her to display concepts of cultural diversity and attempts to challenge common misconceptions of Islam through the art of her work.



Browse our exhibition highlights, and visit soon to see these and many more works at the RBSA and Argentea Gallery…





All images © the artists/photographers.
All rights reserved.

Selection List

James Abelson
Anthony Amao
Kris Askey
Saranjit Birdi
Meryl Blake
Daniel Burwood
Mathew Christodoulou
Esther Clemmey
Garry Corbett
Megan Daly
Diogo Duarte
Benjamin Fairbanks
Maria Falconer
Alex Franco
Peter Gudynas
Anne Guest
Shira Gutgold
John Hodgett
Geoff Hodgson
Emily Inglis & Rachel Owens
Mark Kelly
Richard Kendrick
Richard Lambert
Philip Lea
Liam Leslie
William Marsden
Kate Maxwell
Neil McNaught
Tom Merilion
Lachlan Monaghan
Ed Moss
Chris O’Connell
Tristan Poyser
Tom Ranahan
Ceridwen Raynor
Paul Robinson
Ioanna Sakellaraki
Kevin Saunders
Carl Seebode
Ellie Smith
Ray Spence
Olivia Swinscoe NWA
Emma Trimble
Maryam Wahid
Grahame Wickings
Carl Williams
Thomas Wynne

Selection Panel

• Camilla Brown –  Associate Curator at GRAIN Photography Hub and    freelance writer at Photomonitor.
• Maria Falconer  (Panel Chair) – Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, Lecturer at De Montfort University, and dance photography specialist.
• John Hodgett – Professional Photographer with clients including Vogue and the British Journal of Photography.

Closing Party & Prizes

Prizes will be awarded by Nicola Shipley, Director of GRAIN Projects, at the Closing Party on Friday 8 March (the event will start at RBSA Gallery and include both the RBSA and Argentea Galleries).

• The GMC First Prize – £1,000 cash prize
• Purchase Prize donated by Norstrom Family – £500
• The People’s Prize Exhibition Prize – Ground floor solo show exhibition in 2020 awarded to the artist selected by votes placed by visitors to the exhibition.
• GRAIN Portfolio Review –  A Prize for emerging photographers. Supported by GRAIN Projects


By Alfie Hancox, RBSA Blog Volunteer


Banner image: Richard Kendrick, Atlas’s Mattress (detail)  ©  Richard Kendrick

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