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Read how recent additions to the RBSA team have been getting on in their new posts. The Gallery offers a number of voluntary placements through the year, in association with the University of Birmingham and other regional education establishments.

Our new RBSA Intern

volunteer picture

Hello, I’m Moya and I’m a final year undergraduate at the University of Birmingham. I’m here on placement at the RBSA, helping out with researching and writing articles for ART BLOG, conducting audience research and also lending a hand assisting with events.

Whilst my BA is Classical Literature, Civilisation and Philosophy (a mouthful, I know), alongside my degree I have been able to keep up a longstanding relationship with the visual arts. During my childhood in Amsterdam I was first exposed to the incredible work of the Dutch Masters and Van Gogh’s post-impressionism. My move to London surrounded me with endless galleries and museums, leading me to carry a constant curiosity about the artistic world in Birmingham. In the RBSA, I believe I have found the right place!

Although a talent for arts and crafts has unfortunately evaded me (as pictured), I believe the use of art and creative media is of incredible benefit to the culture of Birmingham and society as a whole. I hope to follow a career developing the use of creative arts as a therapeutic outlet and I am so excited to contribute to the RBSA and discover what makes art important to those here.


Blogging Volunteer


Hi, I’m Alfie and I’m an MA research student in Modern History at the University of Warwick. My research interests include the politics of gender and race, which have of course had a huge transformative impact on the contemporary art world.

I’m helping out with researching and writing articles for the RBSA blog, providing information about the Society’s history, artists and events.

I’ve always had a great enthusiasm for art. It started with copying pictures from books about the animal kingdom or excitedly taking a sketchbook along to the zoo when I was little, and today I enjoy painting (mostly from life) as a hobby. I have a particular passion for the visceral subjectivity of figurative expressionism, seen in the work of Kirchner among others.

In volunteering at the RBSA I hope to further increase my knowledge of art history, and I greatly look forward to interviewing professional artists.

I also love writing and plan on pursuing a career in academic research or journalism, so helping out with the blog is great experience that will help me develop my writing skills.


Marketing and Promotions Intern



Hi, I’m Kara and I’ve just graduated with a BA in English Language from the University of Birmingham.

I will be assisting with the promotion of the Gallery’s programme through social media posts and blog articles, conducting social media research, and helping at events.

I have always had a passion for art and through my A-Level in Fine Art I was fortunate enough to experiment with a range of techniques: printing, photography, and short-film being my most-loved.

Skills into action…

My knowledge of film will help in creating footage for the RBSA for use at the website and on social media. Here’s a recent shot from filming I carried out at the ‘Shape Up’ exhibition…

shape up

I aim to broaden my knowledge of how art is shared  and hope to gain a better knowledge of the tools used for marketing, so that I can begin my journey into the professional world of marketing and promotion.

I am continually inspired by artists such as Frida Kahlo, Tracey Emin, and Francesca Woodman. Their art infers deeper meanings that have either challenged societal expectations of women or allowed an insight into more taboo matters.

Marketing Intern


In Depth

My name is Thomas Taylor and I am the RBSA’s new Marketing Intern and a student at the University of Birmingham, studying for my Masters in Antiquity.

With most of my training stemming from examining the ways in which art and architecture shaped the ancient world, and the meaning such antique pieces hold, it is interesting to transfer those skills to the modern day and view such incredible artwork without the need to study, now only to enjoy.

One of my aims during my time at the RBSA is to diversify my knowledge of contemporary art, and familiarise myself with some of the more recognisable faces here at the Gallery. Counting myself as a creator, albeit through a different mode via YouTube, I could not resist grabbing my camera and taking some shots of the artwork.



Creating things has always been a passion of mine, whether it’s content for my channel, an atmosphere on the stage, or a project at university.

There will be regular updates at the blog during my internship. I will be profiling RBSA artists in short films about their practice, and covering the new work being undertaken by the Gallery with regional and national disability organisations. My personal focus will primarily be on works displaying classical influences.


Archive Assistant


Chris Ann panther image

I’m Chris-Ann Panther and I recently worked as Archive Assistant at the RBSA.

This volunteering role is perfect for students interested in archives and archival practice. Being on placement at the RBSA has been a wonderful experience.

A partnership with the University of Birmingham (UoB) Art History department means students on the MA Art History and Curating course can gain practical experience in the field through a placement at the Gallery.

The first weeks of my placement were focused on learning about the artist William Gear through research and attending the William Gear Study Day. I then led a tour of the William Gear: Colour and Form exhibition for UoB students. Other tasks involved responding to archival enquiries and filing press cuttings. Each enquiry was a chance to learn something new, as it requires using artists’ files and searching through the archives.

Application of knowledge and skills beyond the classroom is invaluable, because students get a more rounded education enhanced by practical experience.

My time at the RBSA has been incredibly beneficial to my learning. Prior to this placement, I had little experience working in an archive. Having had this experience, I am now more confident conducting research in an archive which is an invaluable skill as I research my dissertation topic.

I have also gained an awareness of working with collections and gained practical skills and knowledge which are transferable to a variety of areas within the art field.


Thomas Taylor and Kara Neill are employed as paid interns through Careers Connect, a scheme at the University of Birmingham. Chris-Ann Panther worked at the RBSA through her studies for an MA in Art History and Curating, also at the University of Birmingham.

If you would like to enquire about volunteering roles, contact our Learning and Engagement Manager, Natalie Osborne on 0121 236 4353 or natalie@rbsa.org.uk